Which Flavors Go Well Together?

Vanilla Ice Cream with Hot chocolate sauce

Not everyone can instinctively know which flavors of desserts, fruits and sweet seasonings go well together, and as a result it can be hard to come up with original or unusual ice cream flavors that actually work.

In response to this question, we’ve put together a list of common and uncommon flavors that go well together, and you might want to use these in your own ice cream dessert recipes in future...

Apple > Cinnamon
Why not give these flavors a twist, by making an apple sherbet to serve with cinnamon biscuits, rather than cinnamon ice cream to serve with apple pie?.

Coconut > Pineapple
Use coconut milk in a pineapple sherbet for a pina-colada style dessert.

Ginger > Lemon
Add some chili to the mix to enhance the spiciness of the ginger, or some honey to tone it down and make a soothing dessert.

Chili > Chocolate
Not an obvious choice at first, but if you love both of these flavors separately then you absolutely must try it out.

Melon > Honey
Use any melon apart from watermelon for these recipes.

Banana > Nuts
Walnut is best, but usually any kind of nut, along with chocolate, will go well with banana.

Cherry > Chocolate
Pure decadence, this is a classic flavor that always goes down well at parties...especially when there’s chocolate sauce involved!.

Orange > Cinnamon
This is a classic Christmas taste and a milky sherbet with these flavors would be wonderfully offset with a glass of warm mulled wine.

Vanilla > Rose water
If you’ve got a summer garden party, wedding christening or birthday reception to cater for then not only is vanilla and rose water ice cream deliciously refreshing, but it’s beautiful too. Just serve with frosting petals and edible glitter.

Mint > Yogurt > Chocolate Serve mint and frozen plain yogurt with a hot curry, for a nice change from raita. Alternatively, mint and chocolate is a classic dessert harmony that will never fail, as long as you use a good quality plain chocolate.

Strawberry > Cream
A simple one - you can just add strawberries to a plain vanilla ice cream mix! For something a little more unusual, try vanilla ice cream served with chopped strawberries sprinkled with black pepper.

Chai > Milk
Chai is a fusion of spices and flavors, namely masala, black pepper, mace, clove, tea, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom. It is traditionally served as a hot, milky drink and these flavors all work well in ice cream too.

Raspberry > Mint We already know that mint goes well with yogurt and chocolate, but in a sorbet with a little vodka or gin you can have a frozen-mojito style dessert for your dinner party, and we mean a little because remember these substances don’t freeze well.

Pecan > Maple Syrup
Any self-respecting US or Canadian citizen will appreciate how well these two flavors go together. Serve vanilla ice cream over pecan pie, topped with maple syrup sauce.

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